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Alrighty guys and girls! It is time to talk about my favorite park! Disney's California Adventure. I love this park not just because I love the Disneyland Resort but DCA has a lot of everything in it. Pixar, animation, Wilderness, Marvel..... It has a ton of stuff to choose from and the layout of the land is so well designed that you do not catch yourself stumbling around lost.

When you first walk into DCA you are at Buena Vista Street. I like to say that this was Walt's beginning of his career and your beginning of your adventure! (ok, I'm cheesy, I know) It is filled with shops and just across the way you can find the famous Carthay Circle restaurant.

Here is where you can find some local friends too. I got the chance to see Mickey and Minnie. I even met Oswald the rabbit!

Once you leave Buena Vista Street there are multiple directions you could go. My first stop would most likely be Cars Land! Now, I was NOT a Cars fan before coming to Disneyland. Once I stepped into this land and was truly immersed in the little town of Radiator Springs, WOW I was impressed. Disney does such a wonderful job with detailing and this area is by far my most favorite "land" that I have been to. You can stop by The Cozy Cone motel and get a snack, Go see Mater and do some tractor tipping', or take a pit stop at Flo's V8 Cafe! If you have seen the movie and are guessing what that would be like in our world then you need to come out to Cars Land.

Nope! I do not have a twin. That is just the magic of Disney Photopass! Oh and also if you could not tell by the picture the cars themselves drive up and down the street. They also have a dance party sometimes. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

I truly love this place! I love that I get to share it with the people I care about too. I could talk about Cars Land for hours and hours but we still have more park to talk about.

I was lucky enough to ride The Tower of Terror before it got remodeled to Mission Breakout. I also got to experience The guardians on my second trip! As I am writing this post, DCA has just opened their Avengers Campus. It is right along where Mission Breakout stands. That means I have to prepare to take another trip back! The road that sits before the Marvel campus is Hollywood Land. Here you can visit Animation Academy. I advise you do! You can also go to the Hyperion Theater and catch a show. I did see Frozen and I felt like I was in New York it was that good! Across the way you can join Mike And Sulley on a daring chase to rescue Boo. It's a cute ride, I just wish they would add a little bit more that the area that it is in.

If you go out from Hollywood Land and take a right you will eventually hit what was used to be named Paradise Pier. Also like the Tower of Terror it got reamagined and now takes on the name Pixar Pier. I was so happy I got to experience both sides. I will say I do like Incredicoaster more than I liked California Screamin. Same track, just a different theme. One of my favorite spots to stop into is Bing Bong's sweet stuff shop. That place is candy heaven. I go in there for their slushies! They have one with nerds on top! You'll definitely have a sugar coma leaving there.

Mickey's Fun Wheel is the iconic Ferris wheel that is pretty much the symbol for DCA. I personally did not like riding it. (Afraid of heights.) What I did enjoy was going to Cove Bar now called Lamplight Lounge and enjoying The Mickey's Fun Wheel drink. It is a 21 and over type drink but I believe they do have some fun drinks for the kiddos too.

When the sky gets dark around the park, Go by the water in front of Pixar Pier and get ready for some water magic. The show is called World of Color and how the name fits the show! It's one of the best nighttime shoes Disney has ever done. (My opinion. Wishes being number 1 of course.) It's filled with animation and nostalgia.

Disney's California Adventure might not be everyone's "must do" but it sure is mine. I can not wait to go back!!


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