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Blue Lake!

Hey y'all! I will dive deeper in my faith and my walk with God more and more as time goes on but I wanted to talk about an experience that changed my outlook on what it means to be a Christian.


Blue Lake United Methodist camp is located in Southern Alabama. It's pretty much away from civilization. Which is super nice because it gets you away from the world and more closer with your relationship with Jesus.

I was never a camper at Blue Lake but I did get the chance to become a camp counselor for two summers. I remember the summer of 2014 well. A.K.A the best summer of my life! That is even on top of the summers I have spent down in Orlando! (That's saying something.)

I made so many great friendships that I still have to this day! Pro tip: If you really are looking for getting closer to God and building a relationship with him, surround yourself with good friends that share the same faith as you! You will become so much happier and lighter. Worshipping together, goofing off, working together, (honestly would not have called our job "work") and most of all supporting and loving each other through that precious time and even beyond that summer is one of my greatest blessings.

The land that the camp is on is one of the reasons I love it so much. The entrance is along this winding road so it is not near the road with the noises of cars passing. Like the name, there is in fact a lake and it is blue. :0) Surrounding that lake are the camp sites. Oakwood, Dogwood, and Pinewood! I stayed most of my time in Oakwood doing arts and crafts. There have been weeks where I would stay across the lake at Pinewood with the campers and it made me really feel like I was in the woods! By far my favorite thing about the lake is that at night there is a huge lit up cross that shines over the water and its like our little night light.

In the mornings we would have our devotional time. We would all sit out by the lake and get into the word. I loved that quiet time! I even still do it today. I know we do not have the luxury of having gigantic lakes in our backyard but even just finding a quiet place around your house or on the porch and talking and reading with God can change your whole perspective of the day! Y'all I cannot tell y'all enough how great our God is by putting you in places and relationships and having your life changed because of that one move you took.

Isn't that lake beautiful!?!?! I absolutely love that place! Guys, you don't have to go all the way to Alabama to experience Jesus or meet new friends. This is just my little piece of heaven where God decided to put me. Our stories are completely different. You might find God in your local coffee shop or even at school. Who knows? I do know this though! Surround yourself with friends who have the same beliefs as you do and pray continually and God will literally put everything into place. He has done it for me so many times I have lost count.

I am still so so thankful for this beautiful little slice of heaven and that I got to call it home for six months out of my life. <3

Now go find your Blue Lake! :) -Melissa

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