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My First Post!


Wow! This is real! I am here writing my own blog and letting the world or whoever wants to know why I love what I love so much into my mind. I want this blog to not only focus on my passions but let others to grow in their faith, to be transported to a Disney-like universe, and whatever else I might add along the way. If you like Disney, Jesus, Harry Potter, FRIENDS, animals, and food I am sure we will get along just fine! :)

To start off, Jambo!! My name is Melissa! I am in my mid- twenties and I have recently just started being a Pre k-1 teacher at our local preschool. Back in 2015 up until this past year I had been a cast member at Walt Disney World. I loved what I did and the friendships I made along the way but decided I needed to follow a new dream. In between that time I had recently come back in contact with my Prince Charming. (We met in high school.) He may or may not have been one of the many reasons I moved back home. (Long distance relationships are rough y'all!)

Anyways, I am starting this blog because I want to be an inspiration to not just the people I surround myself with but hopefully to new friends and to anyone who needs a little bit of magic. I can not wait for the future ahead for this site and for you to join me! :)

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