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Why I left the mouse.

Updated: May 27

I want to say I started feeling homesick around the late part of 2017. I remember calling my mom and balling my eyes out. I wanted to be home. "Home" can be translated in so many ways. To me home is where I feel like myself, where I am surrounded by love. Orlando was just not feeling like home to me. I not only missed my family and craved for family dinners and birthday outings but I was also looking for a new dream.

Disney will and always be my home away from home. That's exactly it. It was never intended to be my permanent home. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the parks and just being surrounded by the magic of it all but I started feeling tired of it. Tired of going to MK and Epcot. Tired of having up in the air shifts and my schedule that was never the same. I missed "missing" Disney if that makes sense. It was not fun anymore and I took it for granted.

Some of the people in my life did not understand why I wanted to leave the place I wanted to be since I could talk. "How can you leave?" "Are you sure?" "You're just being dramatic, it's a phase." It took some time to make them understand that if I kept working there I would eventually hate my workplace..... I could never hate Disney.

Flash Forward to 2019. Still in Orlando and every time I would visit my family and my boyfriend back home I never wanted to go back down to work for the mouse. I needed a change not just in my career but a new chapter in my book. This picture that I took with Minnie was at Disneyland a a year before I moved home. I love, love, love Disneyland! I will tell y'all so many times how much I am in love with that place. Even on that trip I was not happy. So I had an idea that I would transfer to a Disney Store back home in northern Florida. I did just that and it was good for a little bit but I still was not content.

By this time the only reason why I was staying with the company was so they could pay for my school. That was the ONLY reason. Back in 2015 when I started on my Disney College Program I would have given you a list full of reasons why Disney was my career. "I'm never going to move?" "I'm going to work here forever?" 20 year old Melissa did not know what was coming.

Five and a half years later and I feel content. I was deciding what to title this post. I started with "Why I left my dream life" but I feel like my dream life is just beginning. I am in a new job and I love it because I'm surrounded by good people with the same faith as I do. I am not in a long distance relationship anymore; we are stronger than ever. I am so much closer to my family and getting back to having relationships and memories with them. I have been back on trips to Disney a couple of times and I do not miss working there but I am rekindling my passion for Disney again and remembering why I truly love the magic. -Melissa

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